Falling film evaporator Evaporator for glycerine, Extra Specifications Make LUWA-SMS, No. 52004-1, New 1984, Material stainless steel, Capacity 8-10 % glycerine from 3000 Kg glycerine solution/Hr, Consisting of : -Vessel/seperator, No. 4.4620.02, Capacity 5370 Ltr., Vessel sizes ± Dia. 1400x2000mm, Working pressure -1/1 Bar, External coil (20 Ltr.), Working pressure 12 Bar, Max. temperature 250 Dgr.C., -Falling film evaporator, No. 4.4640.06, Sizes Dia. 500x3000mm, Shell capacity 470 Ltr., Working pressure -1/1 Bar, Tube capacity 85 Ltr., Working pressure 5 Bar, -Condensor, No., Tube capacity 840 Ltr., Working pressure -1/1 Bar, Shell capacity 600 Ltr., Working pressure 12 Bar, - Cooling section, - 2 Tanks

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