Single screw mixing extruder "Co-kneader" (1x), Make Buss Compounding Systems AG Pratteln, Type Eco 46P, New 1998, Working hours: 334, Screw dia. 46mm, L/D 7, With heating zones 2, Electric heating (2x) Tooltemp, type TT-133 (13.900 Watt each), With jacket (10 bar, max. 120 Degr. C.), AC-motor 11,0 KW, 380-420 Volt, With variable speed drive, Screw speed Max. 270 Rpm, Feeding with crammer hopper (0,37 KW), Screw can be heated, Mach.No. 453486-1, Mounted on frame, With switchgear, Sizes switchgear 0,5x0,6x1,9 M (LxWxH), Floorspace 2,1x0,9 M, Total height 1,8 M, Extra Specifications - With discharge unit make Buss, type PW-50 (motor 0,37 KW)
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More Information
Brand BUSS
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