DMN Westinghouse

DMN Westinghouse is a well-known supplier of components for blender handling from The Netherlands. They are mainly active in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and dairy industries. The dosing sluices and diverter valves of this Dutch company are used internationally for the processing of dry materials and granules, among other things.

At Foeth you will find a wide range of used DMN Westinghouse process equipment. Every machine is in stock and mechanically tested. You are welcome to come and see our used process machines on our premises in Barneveld, The Netherlands. If you already found the right machine on our website, you can immediately request a quote.

Zobrazit jako:
  1. DMN Westinghouse BL-350 - Rotacní ventil
    výchozí akcie, NL
  2. DMN Westinghouse PTD 65 - Vypouštecí ventil
    výchozí akcie, NL
  3. DMN Westinghouse AL-175-3N - Rotacní ventil
    výchozí akcie, NL
  4. DMN Westinghouse BL-175 - Rotacní ventil
    výchozí akcie, NL
  5. DMN Westinghouse BL-175 - Rotacní ventil
    výchozí akcie, NL
  6. DMN Westinghouse AL-150 MZC - Rotacní ventil
    výchozí akcie, NL